Flux Notify

Premium Discord Group! The only membership you’ll need for dedicated monitors, exclusive information, committed staff & brand information for hundreds of releases!

Elite Features for real results.

Flux Notify offers a dedicated team and specialist features to assist you in not only purchasing the coveted items you desire, but helping you profit from sneakers, streetwear, collectibles and more!

High Speed Monitors

reliable monitors
to help you catch any
drops and restocks you

Release Guidance

release guides,
including raffle information
to ensure you don’t miss
any release.

Exclusive Information

for our knowledge on
coveted releases,
gain information unavailable

Groupbuys and Rentals

opportunities to not only
purchase top tier bots,
but also try them out
before you buy.

Deals and Flips

your high-end purchases
with 'low-key' flips,
and first-class

24/7 Support

all the assistance you
need with our committed
and experienced staff
team, available 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Flux Notify is a premium informative group hosted on the messaging application Discord. We aim to provide a solution for consumers wishing to increase their chances of being able to purchase limited edition products, including designer goods, streetwear, sneakers and collectibles, along with more 'low-key' items that are easier to purchase, yet still yield inordinate profit.

Flux Notify is much more than your average cook group. The Flux Notify team aims to get to know members on an individual basis, assisting to develop any users purchase abilities throughout their time in the group. Flux Notify is an excellent resource for both novices and veterans; providing an excellent resource for information, guides and support. Flux Notify provides members with any information, tips and tools necessary to help to assist each and every member to secure the street wear, sneaker and collectible releases they desire.

The cost of membership is £34.99 monthly via Stripe. This will give you 30 days access to Flux Notify features. This is charged as a recurring payment every 30 days - users are free to cancel at any time before their next billing cycle, and they will be removed from the Discord group and lose access to Flux Notify features at the end of their current period. Memberships can be cancelled via the Flux Notify Dashboard, or by emailing [email protected]

Flux Notify supports members worldwide. The Flux Notify team has members based all over the globe, each focusing on different locale. No matter where you reside, staff will be on hand to assist you with anything you need around the clock. Note: Flux Notify is offered in English only.

In order to purchase Flux Notify, you will need a Discord account, and you must login to our dashboard. Once purchased you will automatically be added to the discord server. Within the Discord server, different aspects and features of the group are organised into categories to help you get familiar. Feel free to create a ticket and ask a staff member for help - everyone is willing to assist you in getting started.

Flux Notify memberships are limited so that the elite service can be kept up to the highest of standards for both existing and new members. Keep an eye on our Twitter (with notifications on!) if you wish to be kept up to date on when slots reopen.

Flux Notify memberships can only be purchased via Credit/Debit Card (Stripe Checkout).

Of course! Flux Notify aims to cover all basis for people who are new to wanting to learn how to increase their chances of purchasing coveted items, to those who have been in the game a long time. No prior experience or tools are needed to join - Flux Notify offers resources for those starting out, experienced users, bot users and manual users.

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